Pleased to meet you…

I’m Kerry Jordan and I’m the owner of Crazy Messy Glorious, a blog about my hobbies and interests. This is also where I keep readers up to date on my Spoonflower fabric design collections. The web address is https://crazymessyglorious.com. I can be reached by sending a message to JordanKerryA on Gmail.

What are policies?

Usually, blog owners have a plan in place for how their audience will use with the website. Web owners also take steps to manage their audience’s privacy and information is a respectful way.

I’ve written several policy pages to tell you about this plan so that you can confidently decide how you want to use my blog.

Please visit the individual policy pages for more details. My policies consist of three pages:

  • Privacy refers to what information I collect from you, when I collect it, why I need it, how I use it and where I store it. Privacy laws require me to tell you about this and to give you the option to opt-out. This blog uses cookies which are necessary for the site’s security and basic functionality.
  • Disclosure policies state that the content I share honestly represents my personal opinions and experiences. If I received an incentive to talk to you about something I need to tell you that upfront.
  • Terms and conditions help to protect me and you from the consequences of misunderstandings. Most importantly, we both acknowledge that I’m just a hobbyist and this blog is written for entertainment purposes only. Therefore, I’m not responsible for any inconvenience, expenses or damages that you may face as a result of using my content. I’m not a professional and nothing on the site or any of my social media accounts is professional advice.