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All the things you didn’t know about me.

I’m an INFP. My second name is Ann. I think it looks tidy and inviting. It’s a hygge name. My first name is Kerry. It’s a county in Ireland and the word means…

  • This is really long because I’m a do-it-once-and-do-it-right kind of person.
  • My second name is Ann. I think it looks tidy and inviting. It’s a hygge name.
  • My first name is Kerry. It’s a county in Ireland and the word means “little dark one”. 🦇 Isn’t that moody?! I wouldn’t change it.
  • I have dark brown hair and dark hazel eyes.
  • I’m a Mediator, INFP-T.
  • I have no photo of myself at the time of writing this because I’m always the one taking pictures.
  • I married Bob. Bob + Kerry = Berry. 🍓
  • Bob is definitely my best friend.
  • We met through an online dating site and we clicked right away.
  • I’m high maintenance in every possible way. Sorry, Bob.
  • When the gender identity issue became mainstream I was relieved that I can now style my hair any way I like.
  • I grew up on an island called Cape Breton on the East coast of Canada.
  • I’m a compassionate person, but I’m also an introvert with clinical anxiety, so I usually just pray about it.
  • My favourite physical characteristic that I possess is my hair. I love the colour and natural highlights. It’s soft and quite unruly. My daughter has the exact same hair. I successfully passed my favourite physical trait to the next generation. Yay Me!
  • The three most influential people in my childhood: Grandpa, Spock and Laura Ingalls Wilder.
  • I’m really proud that I was courageous and let God work through me to reach my husband who was an atheist.
  • Dateable guys ❶ have a strong faith in God, ❷ are spontaneous, ❸ put family before their job, ❹ are good conversationalists and ❺ have sexy hands.
  • I worry sometimes, but I don’t have any big fears or regrets beause I know through experience…

…that all things work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28
  • My favourite celebrity is Leeteuk, a South Korean singer, model and MC. Why? ❶ He brings his unique and sweet personality to all his work. It doesn’t matter that I can’t understand exactly what he’s saying most of the time because he is so charismatic. ❷ People who work with him love and respect him. ❸ It seems like the buck stops with Leeteuk. ❹ He lives his life honestly. When he is learning new things or just playing he invites his fans to tag along. He includes his fans even when public life is hard or he’s likely to fail in front of us. ❺ Also, his Maltese dog.
  • That dog made me a dog person and the thing I’m looking forward to the most is one day getting a dog. 🎼I think I, I think I, I think I need a dog, like you. E.L.F. humour, carry on.
  • Other favourites: ❶ colour – carmine, ❷ fairytale – Beauty and the Beast, ❸ time of day – blue hour, ❹ holiday movie – Elf, ❺ tea – Lady Grey, especially in a London Fog.
  • My long term plans include learning French and Korean, teaching yoga and pilates, and being a famous fabric designer.
  • I’m on the keto diet. Maybe I’ll switch to low carb someday, but not yet.
  • I like tattoos, but I probably won’t get one because I’m indecisive and I know this about myself.
  • I like kimchi on french fries with melted cheddar cheese and sriracha.
  • I’m allergic to scallops.
  • I don’t answer the phone unless I’m expecting a call.
  • I hate cancel-culture. I want to listen to people who build and don’t destroy.
  • I’ve moved apartments a lot. Now, I don’t get attached to particular places. My home is where my family is (and where other people aren’t).
  • The first app I look at in the morning is Instagram because it’s visual and requires no brain power, also the kpop stars have been doing things all day while I was sleeping.
  • If I could advise my younger self I would tell her two things. First, God is living and active. Second, unapologetically focus on what you love.
  • When I am old my daughter will want to hear stories about the coronavirus pandemic 🧼, dating her father, growing up without computers or the internet, and homeschooling.
  • I could spend hours talking about kpop and how to bake desserts.
  • I like to cook chilli in my slow cooker and people say that it’s good.
  • Cicadas are the most annoying animal I have ever encountered.
  • Collecting 📦 fabric is a separate hobby from quilting. I also collect cookbooks.

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