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This blog is about loving quilts and quilting. I update about once a week and I hope that I can prove to you that quilting can be fun, modern and, actually…easy!

Do you like to flip through craft magazines admiring the colour, prints and creativity, but stop short of trying it for yourself? I loved crafting as a teen but gave it up in college. Then I started working and I had a baby. I didn’t think that I had the time, skills, space or money to enjoy my quilting hobby anymore. I felt stifled and sad. Maybe you feel the same way. But…I want to show you that quilting has come a long way. Trends have changed and there are new techniques and products that make it easier to make beautiful, Pinterest-worthy projects.

So, keep visiting. Get excited. Get inspired. Maybe try a project or two soon.

Sledding, middle of a school day, in a storm.

By the way, my name is Kerry. I’m a Christian, married, homeschooling Mom. We live in a suburban apartment in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In addition to quilting and telling you about it, I love yoga, cookbooks, cooking, digital scrapbooking and faith journaling.

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