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noun bliss, delight, elation, jubilance, rapture

the feeling that we get when our soul recognizes and celebrates beauty

Here at Crazy Messy Glorious I explore how creativity is a way to tap into joy. I believe that everyone can be creative. You don’t need to have any special skills or big ideas to enjoy the freedom of loving art and making your own. We all feel tired and disconnected at times, don’t we? Practicing creativity is one of the important ways that people reconnect.

This is a place where you can join the conversation no matter what art or craft you do (or don’t do). Even if you like to play with instruments or words, rather than paint or fabric, it’s the same creative energy. It’s addictive and we can all relate. If you don’t have your own creative outlet already, I hope that the projects and resources shared here will inspire you to start.

My name is Kerry and I like to quilt and design fabric for quilting. I’m a confident (joyful!) beginner.

I’m inspired most by God’s faithfulness to me, but also…

  • just about all the music
  • graphic design styles
  • Asian popular culture
  • art therapy
  • creative work in the stories of women

I was fourteen when I completed my first quilt. I wasn’t as interested in quilting as I was in owning and fondling fabric collections.

Over the years I quilted and tried other crafts. Not knitting. I can’t figure out knitting. I went to university and studied a lot of Math. I graduated from Engineering. I’m not sure why. Math makes me die a little inside. It wasn’t a complete loss because I also took some Psychology and Literature, learned Photoshop and dabbled in graphic design. By that time I was in my late twenties.

Then, after working for roughly five years doing data analysis in the mental health and emergency response industries I promised myself that I would never work a desk job again. I was depressed, anxious and exhausted. Worse, I wasn’t passionate about how I was spending my time. I believe that God will give you passion for what He designed you to do.

So, I gave myself room to do the things that energize me. I read about music so that I could relate to my favourite music artists better. I started eating better and getting outside everyday. I made sure that the media I was consuming was stuff that I really liked, not just what was being pushed on me.

I travelled a bit within Canada and lived in a couple of provinces. I got married and we had a little girl. Being an introvert, I don’t really like being around lots of other people, but I added a few meaningful social opportunities to my schedule. I joined a quilting guild, I volunteered at my church and I started tutoring Korean speakers in English online.

Now I want to design fabric for quilting, my favourite hobby, and I’d like to share the journey with you through my blog. I’d be happy if you’d join me.

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