Reading and Writing Devotionals #write31days

Have you noticed that there are a ton of devotionals, or daybooks, on the market? It’s a favourite for products and giveaways on Christian and creative blogs. These books have very short chapters or projects that are meant to be digested over a certain length of time like a month or a year. They all offer bite-sized words of encouragement or exercises for personal growth, but that’s where the similarities end.

I have no doubt that we all need some daily encouragement and a little kick in the pants to experiment with new ideas. Unless you’re like me and have a passion for book collecting you might find it overwhelming. You might ignore devotionals all together and stick to more meaty reads with more descriptive book jackets for fear of filling your shelves with fluffy books that you never finish.

Devotionals have something simple and beautiful to add to our busy lives. So, over the next 31 days I’m going to be looking at lots of devotionals. Some are from the library, some have been gifted to me and others I bought for myself. I’ll be asking, “What makes each one different?”, “What unique challenges does each offer?”. Beyond reviewing, I’ll be discussing what I think makes a good devotional. I hope that I can help you think about devotionals with more clarity and purpose, whether you’re writing or buying them.

I’ll be participating in two challenges this month. The first, #write31days, is a linkup for bloggers that are writing deeply about one topic for 31 days in October. The list of partcipants will be live on the 8th. Join my mailing to be notified when the link goes up so that you can check it out. The second blog challenge this month is The Ultimate Blog Challenge (#blogboost), which helps bloggers meet traffic and content goals. Check out the hashtags on Facebook or Twitter to find out more.

1. Devotionals Based on the Author’s Narrative versus Inspirational Collections

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