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It’s October, a year or two ago. The early morning is rainy and the sky is black. We’re sitting at our dining table for breakfast. We bought it from Ikea in Ottawa and never put a coat of varnish on it. It’s been through two moves, two cats, and one angry toddler. Sap is oozing out of it in places and it’s so soft I can dent it with my fingernail.

We need a new dining table, but to my frustration my husband doesn’t acknowledge the urgency. He’s right. Money is tight. The holidays are coming. There’s no Ikea nearby. 80% of tables are never going to fit into our compact car.

We’re stuck and there isn’t much hope of a new table any time soon.

“I’ll put it on our list.”

My husband gives me a skeptical look. I take an old list off the fridge. Going over the list I cross off the things that we bought, decided against or don’t need anymore because circumstances have changed. There aren’t many things left and I feel much less sorry for myself. We aren’t really deprived of much. I write “dining table” at the bottom of the list.

Intention setting – directing our energy to achieve our goals – is part of every plan for success. Whether it’s telling a friend about your weightloss journey, telling God about our longing to be more Christ-like, or making a list. Intention setting is the first step in every project. It’s the most fun part, too.

It’s also the theme I’ve chosen this year for #Write31Days. Join me!


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